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Budget Rebalance Not Good for Kids or Economy

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am deeply concerned with the cuts made to Employment Related Day Care. Although 12,000 families need ERDC, the approved budget rebalance bill capped the program at 8,500 families and increased co-pays.

Children will have less access to early learning environments that prepare them to succeed in school. The Early Learning Council identified many low-income children as unprepared for kindergarten and in need of early learning opportunities. With cuts to ERDC, low-income children will struggle to access a quality child care provider and receive the necessary foundation that allows them to be ready to learn.

Reductions in ERDC impact employment for parents and child care providers. Since ERDC cuts were first implemented, Oregon has seen a 28% decrease in licensed child care providers, representing over 2,000 small businesses that have closed. Child care was a $25 billion industry in Oregon and allowed an estimated 8% of the economy to function productively. The cuts made to ERDC have affected this critical infrastructure for employers and all working parents.

Please show your commitment to Oregon's current and future workforce. Please reinvest in ERDC when resources are available.

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