Let's Commit to Giving Our Retiring Priests a Place to Live, Flourish, and Thrive.


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Why We Need to Support Prophet Elijah House

The priesthood ensures the continuity of our faith from generation to generation. Through the priest, our loved ones are baptized, Masses are celebrated, sins are forgiven, couples are united in marriage, and loved ones are delivered into the loving hands of God. In short, our priests enrich every age and stage of our lives.

Prayerfully consider making an offering that honors the service of our retired priests who have stood in persona Christi (“in the person of Christ”) for you and your loved ones for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many priests will live in the Prophet Elijah House?

The residence provides 12 suites for retired priests and two guest rooms.

What facilities are included?

All residents will enjoy the use of a chapel, community kitchen, dining area, workout and rehab room, and an entertainment room with reading and conversation areas.

How will the priests spend their time?

Priests will have opportunities to participate in Mass, fitness and rehab programs, and enjoy community life with their brother priests.

How long is a priest allowed to stay at Prophet Elijah House?

Priests can remain at the retirement facility for as long as they like or until their needs are no longer fulfilled by the facility.

What are the criteria for accepting a priest into the Prophet Elijah House?

The priest must be retired, preferably incardinated within the Archdiocese of Denver, and require no or minimal nursing care (less than 12 hours a day).

At what age can priests retire?

On average, our priests serve the faithful for 45 years and can retire at the age of 70.

How many priests are entering retirement annually in the Archdiocese of Denver?

Currently, on average, five priests retire each year.