Thank you for adding seedlings to the Take Me Outside Smart Forest.

Every seedling added will be planted into a healthy, biodiverse forest by Canada's Forest Trust and will stand forever - guaranteed. A portion of each seedling sale will also go directly to Take Me Outside initiatives that focus on raising awareness and facilitating action on nature connections and outdoor learning in schools across Canada.

Adding seedlings helps grow our impact.

Last Year:

  • 446,000+ Learners participated in TMO initiatives
  • 60 Organizations were added to our new Outdoor Learning Resources page
  • 2500+ Educators participating in TMO Outdoor Learning webinars
  • 3.8 million + Hours of learner outdoor time from participating in Take Me Outside initiatives
  • 68% Increase in educator and learner participation from 2020-21

Through your donations, this year we want to:

  • Hire a year-round, full-time Program Manager to support the organization's operations
  • Offer a variety TMO initiatives that inspire educators and students alike with meaningful activities, guest speakers, and resources
  • Continue hosting free online webinars on a myriad of outdoor learning topics
  • Develop and facilitate an annual conference on outdoor learning for teachers across Canada
  • Expand our learning library and become a fully bilingual organization

Adding seedlings helps grow nature's playground.

Canada's Forest Trust (CFT) is building millions of acres of Smart Forests across Canada thanks to supporters like you. A Forever Forest Guarantee ensures that every forest built by CFT undergoes expert management, reporting, monitoring, and silviculture maintenance. By helping us grow a Smart Forest, you are making a positive impact that will be felt for generations to come.

Smart Forests do more than meets the eye, they:

  • Sequester carbon
  • Develop healthy and biodiverse ecosystems
  • Provide scholarships and internships for Canada's youth
  • Connect Indigenous & non-indigenous youth
  • Create employment
  • Foster multi-generational environmental stewardship
  • Ease climate anxiety
  • Report on impact

Thank you for helping us build our Smart Forest and grow our impact.

About Take Me Outisde

Take Me Outside is a non-profit organization that believes in a future in which spending time outside playing, exploring and learning is a regular and significant part of every student’s day. We work collaboratively with other organizations, school boards and individuals to encourage children and youth to spend more time outside through various projects and initiatives. TMO’s target population is students and educators across Canada who we reach mainly through the education system. Our goal is to encourage schools to extend the learning environment beyond the desk and four walls and to use the great outdoors as part of the regular teaching practice. The ultimate goal is to encourage more time spent outside during the school day to counter balance excessive screen time and sedentary tendencies. Our programs are simple, fun and accessible to all.

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