We are taking bold action in the face of climate change. By helping us grow a Smart Forest to meet our carbon-zero and fundraising goals, you are making a positive impact that will be felt for generations to come.

Canada's Forest Trust (CFT) is building millions of acres of Smart Forests across Canada. A Forever Forest Guarantee ensures that every forest built by CFT undergoes expert management, reporting, monitoring, and maintenance.

Smart Forests do more than meets the eye, they:

  • Sequester carbon
  • Develop healthy and biodiverse ecosystems
  • Provide scholarships and internships for Canada's youth
  • Connect Indigenous & non-indigenous youth
  • Create employment
  • Foster multi-generational environmental stewardship
  • Ease climate anxiety
  • Report on impact

As we build our Smart Forest, funds raised will be put towards our charitable, environmental, and programming initiatives. More seedlings planted means more carbon stored and more funding for our initiatives.

Help us grow our Smart Forest by adding seedlings here: http://reforest.canadasforesttrust.ca/GLBC

Smart Forest Growth
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