Does each school get their own forest?
School Smart Forests will be planted using seedlings contributed collaboratively from schools across Canada, and every school that added seedlings will be recognized. Every School Forest that is planted using seedlings from your school is one of your forests, and can be visited by students and donors!

Will students be planting the seedlings themselves?
CFT takes care of all aspects of planting and managing forests in collaboration with our partners. However, there will be opportunities for tree planting internships, learning journeys, and ceremonial on-site school tree planting. Please inquire about these options with the CFT team.

How do you choose where to build a Smart Forest?
CFT sources lands across Canada that are suitable for reforestation and will have maximum impact on the environment. Our forestry experts advise us on the right mix of species for the soil and climate of each forest location.

Is CFT a charitable organization?
Our choice to be a for-profit entity allows us the flexibility to enter into partnerships and make long term investments which we may not be able to do as a registered charity. We demonstrate our commitment to environmental and social responsibility, accountability, transparency, and good governance through annual audits and reports.