Healthy Futures Begin with Healthy Children

Imagine trying to manage a child's asthma while living in an urban homeless shelter, or growing up in a rural, impoverished community where the nearest pediatrician is three hours away.

The sad reality is that millions of children suffer from these problems—right here in the United States—but none of them should ever have to.

Every child served, every hand held, begins with one person making the right choice. Our doctors choose to go to the most under-served communities—aboard our mobile medical clinics and in newly-opened regional clinics—providing much needed care for children and their families who hope for a better future.

Now, we ask you to make the choice to join our work.

Choose to care for a child who has no pediatrician, or has never seen a dentist, or needs a simple vaccination to go to school. Make the choice to build a better future by giving our children a healthy start.

Alone, none of us can solve a problem this big, but working together we will.

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