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Miracle Mission Merch Store

Look the Part!

You’ve become a Miracle Mission Agent now it is time to get the gear! Purchase your very own Miracle Mission t-shirt and wear it while you raise funds (or even just out and about). Every t-shirt you purchase supports kids at Children’s Hospital. So why not get them for the whole family?

Corus Radiothon for Children's

Miracle Mission is a program of Corus Radiothon for Children’s!

Fundraise year round, then come join us at Radiothon in February to celebrate your success! Bring any offline donations raised and join in on the fun! We will have a special BIG cheque, certificates and a special thank you gift. Even if you raise funds online, we want you to stop by so we can recognize your incredible achievement! Corus Radiothon for Children’s will be held in the Atrium of Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre. All are welcome to hear inspiring stories from our brave kids and their families as they share their health care journeys live on Corus radio stations.