Inspiring our community to help save and improve our kids’ lives.


We mobilize our community to support excellence in health care, rehabilitation and research for our children and their families.

About CHF

Children’s Health Foundation raises and grants funds in support of three outstanding partners in health care: Children’s Hospital at London Health Sciences Centre, Thames Valley Children’s Centre (TVCC) and Children’s Health Research Institute (CHRI).

All donations support specialized paediatric patient care, equipment, and education at Children’s Hospital, the delivery of exceptional programs, long-term therapy and rehabilitation services at TVCC, and research into the causes and cures of childhood disease at CHRI.

Together, our Children’s family serves children, youth, and their families from across Southwestern Ontario and parts of Northern Ontario. The funds raised by Children’s Health Foundation empower our health care partners to service all of the unique needs of our region’s kids. From innovative care and rehabilitation to ground-breaking research, Children’s Health Foundation positively impacts each essential component of paediatric health care, helping our kids to reach their full potential.