Celebrity Paws in the Park Walk For Animals: HUGO & STELLA SAVE THEM ALL! - Charleston Animal Society

Celebrity Paws in the Park Walk For Animals


Hugo was rescued from a back-yard breeder and Stella was rescued from horrific conditions in a puppy mill.  Now, they both have warm beds to sleep on (actually expensive sofas), nourishing food (and some people treats), and access to top-notch veterinary care.  Their pack includes humans that love them and even a cat friend, Figgy.  Hugo and Stella are lucky dogs. 


Not every animal is so lucky.  Almost 20,000 dogs and cats will turn to Charleston Animal Society for caring, compassion and hope this year alone Hugo and Stella want to help their animal friends in need.  Please help “Hugo & Stella Save Them All” by making a generous donation.  No amount is too big or too small and 100% of proceeds benefit Charleston Animal Society.

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