Set your Fundraiser Up for Success!


1. Set Individual Goals and Milestones for Your Team

Work with each of your team members to set realistic fundraising goals and milestones. A fun way to encourage your teammates to reach their goals is to provide incentives, like a cocktail night, free pizza, or a shopping spree. To maintain these goals, it is important that Team Captains are regularly checking in and staying in contact with their team. Whether it's a text group message, a weekly lunch meeting, or a scheduled call, a constant stream of communication is key to leading your team to success.



2. Personalize your Team Page

The best way to make people want to donate to your team, is to show why Charleston Animal Society's mission is important to you! Make that known on your personal and team pages by sharing your story in your bio and including pictures that showcase your team's personality in the header.



3. Share on Social Media

Social Media can be a great channel to get the word out about your fundraiser to friends, family, and other close ones. Simply posting a link might not be enough to convince people to give. Try using engaging pictures of your pets or team, paired with an explanation of why Charleston Animal Society’s mission is important to you. Fun videos, progress updates, and more also great ways to increase awareness of your team.




We hope these strategies will be helpful to helping get your fundraising efforts off the ground and set to save lives!

Contact and our team would be honored to help you with personalizing and sharing your fundraising page!