46th Annual Dance-a-thon

NC District West

Who Are We?

We are the dedicated Junior Civitans of NC District West. We are working on raising $2000 for International Dance-A-Thon this year. We hope to accomplish this by hard work and hopefully with a generous donation from you, big or small- every bit helps us get closer to our goal. 

What Is International Dance-A-Thon?

Dance-A-Thon is a six hour dance made up of themes such as Hawaiian or pajamas. It is an annual fundraising event that all Junior Civitans are able to attend. It is a fun way for us to raise money for a great cause as well as a great opportunity for us to meet other young adults who also want to make a difference in our world.

All the money raised is going to the UAB Civitan International Research Center. This center focuses on research for developmental and intellecutal diabilities such as, Down Syndrome, Autism, and Alzheimers.


Meet our wonerful team:

Alex Blackwelder, NC District West Junior Civitan Public Relations Coordinator and Dance-A-Thon Team Leader. 

I would like to start by telling you why I am honored to be able to help raise money for this center. I have a friend who lives in a group home for individuals with developmental disabilities. I met my friend when I was in the fifth grade and she instantly changed my entire perspective of the world. She has taught me to enjoy everything I have been given and she has taught me that you can still live a full and happy life no matter the hand you've been dealt. She is the reason I joined junior civitan and the reason I want to work with children that have developmental disabilities when I get older. My life has changed since meeting her and I would like to do everything I can possibly do to help change her life and the UAB Civitan International Research Center is a wonderful way for this to happen. People who live with developmental and intellectual disabilites are no different than us, we are all human and we all feel the same emotions. We all want to be treated like human, not like we are less than or to be treated like we are different from everyone else. This is why it is important for us to treat everyone equally. I am honored to be able to help this organization and I would appreciate if you help us reach our goal by making a donation. Let's make the world a better place, for everyone.

Victoria Bailey, NC District West Junior Civitan Deputy Governor and International Director.

Junior Civitan was introduced to me as a high school freshman. Naturally, once this new chapter begins, we are eager to engage ourselves in activities that we love and to discover the communities right for us. Junior Civitan, amongst the many clubs featured during open house recruitment, caught my eye above them all. What I treasure most is being able to look around during a simple meeting, elaborate convention, or with my peers as we complete service projects is the array of young people, gathered together with their dedication to others and their needs, intent on changing the world through service and compassion. Bonding with other youth with the same goal has shown to me how many in our world are dedicated to making it a better place. Although the passion I possess for Junior Civitan and the constant encouragement that has stemmed from my relationships is held with high regards, I dedicate my endeavors in Junior Civitan to my beloved aunt who has recently developed Alzheimer’s disease. In light of her kindness and good heart I remember so well from childhood, I am a Junior Civitan…one of many—the standing promise of tomorrow.

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