2021 Dance a Thon

Cardinal Team

COVID stopped the Cardinal Team from flying to Tampa to join other Junior Civitans at the 2020 Dance-a-Thon but it didn't stop the team from completing the dance-a-thon.  The team got on the virtual dance-a-thon instead to show their support of the great work done at the Civitan International Research Center.

Fred the Red, the team mascot, is ready to try again to lead The Cardinal Team to Tampa for the 2021 Dance-a-Thon.  Hopefully, things will improve and the team will actually get to Tampa.  But the no matter if they go physically or virtually, the Cardinal Team of Junior Civitans wants to support the Civitan International Research Center.  The team goal is set for $2000 and in exchange for all the donations made to the Team, they will dance for the 6 or so hours.  It is worth it to them to have sore feet which is just a small way they can show their appreciation for all the hard work going on at the Civitan International Research Center on projects relating to autism, Rhett's Syndrome, brain injuries, and so many other projects going on to try to reduce developmental disabilities that people face all over the world. 

Please show your support for this team and their goal to help the Civitan International Research Center by making a donation in their team's name.  Thank you for helping the Cardinal Team be successful in reaching their goal.

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