Walk and Roll 2024

Full Circle ACTION - OK

Full Circle ACTION Civitan - Welcoming our Campus Civitan clubs to join us in Walk and Roll 2024!

The Full Circle ACTION Civitan Yard Sales were a great way to kick off funds for the Civitan International Research Center. If you missed the chance to donate then, sponsor us as we walk in Albuquerque on August 7. Be sure to sign up as a team member to support the team or donate through our page to help us know what an impact we are making!

Campus Civitans will be hosting a virtual fundraiser ... July 15 (all day): order online at any Panda Express across the country using our unique code (924053). Get the word out to everyone!   www.pandaexpress.com - select location - use our code

Consider a virtual walk any day - and check out the CIRC website ... watch the video from 2023! (civitan.org/circ)

Your team at the 2024 convention: Diane & Jeff Potts

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