2022 All In Summit


Good afternoon everyone, I am Ashley Tatem. I am the North Carolina District West Junior Civitan Governor as well as the Co-President for the first-ever virtual Junior Civitan club, Virtual Vision. Thank you for letting me have the opportunity to speak with you today. It truly is a pleasure.
As many of you know, in years past, we have had an event known as “Sno-Do”. In recent years, this event has been exchanged for All In Summit. It is held in Birmingham, Alabama where Civitan International and the Civitan International Research Center is located. This event hosts the Governor’s Update, training sessions, and a service project to help the people from the Birmingham area. Due to this event being near the Civitan International Research Center, we also have the unique opportunity to tour the Research Center and see firsthand how the hard work we put in benefits so many people struggling. All the proceeds from our fundraising go to the Civitan International Research Center.
As this is my first year as District Governor, I am immensely excited for the coming year and All-In-Summit. As governor, I have been given the unique privilege of helping with the funding of the Civitan International Research Center. Here and now, I am asking for your help and support in reaching a goal of at least $1800 for All-In-Summit. If you or your club would like to help, you can donate by either check or online. If you decide to donate by check, please add “Ashley Tatem All in Summit” into the memo and send it to Civitan International. If you would like to donate online, I can also give you that information.
As we are slowly coming back together after a year of many unprecedented events, we can all reflect on the hardships we faced and how we as Civitans press forward. Civitan International has not only survived these hardships but continued to better serve its communities. We will continue to persevere and commit to helping our fellow men through these times. Thank you.

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