Walk & Roll Team Event Suggestions

If you’re going to host a Walk and Roll event in your community, here are some suggestions for the event.

  • Create team t-shirts using the contact on the Event details page or get creative and ask your team members to make their own! You can also ask your members to wear Civitan colors, blue and yellow, the day of the walk.
  • Be sure to mark your route using streamers, balloons, or mission signs. You don’t want your walkers to get lost while participating in your event!
  • Offer a hydration station with water and/or sports drinks for your walkers. You can also get local businesses involved to donate fruit, snacks, or other individually packaged food for your participants.
  • Having an emcee to get your walkers pumped up, thank sponsors, and talk about the mission is key to a great event! Get started with our Walk and Roll script outline*coming soon*. You can also recruit a local exercise instructor or group to get your event started right with a warm-up.
  • Keep the crowd excited with music during the event! Ask a local DJ or band to come to your event and provide music.
  • Depending on your location, be sure to check with your local government about any permits or permissions needed for your event
  • Walk & Roll is a great way to engage your current club members and recruit new ones! Here are a couple of ideas on how to best involve these members.
    • Day of volunteers- Your event will need volunteers to help with marking the route, putting out signs, serving water and other refreshments, and even helping with parking based on your location. Reach out to churches, other community groups, and even school groups to help with your event. Volunteers with similar interests who are inspired by our cause would make great club members!
    • Social Media- Be sure to utilize Facebook to promote your event to your friends, family, and neighbors. Younger club members who may not have time to help with planning the event can help with social media posts and promoting the event. Be sure to have all your members share these posts on their personal pages to reach the largest audience.
    •  Delegate- Hosting a successful event requires many different roles. Think about your club members and their strengths. Delegate tasks and give all your members an opportunity to get involved in the event. When everyone takes ownership of your event, your chances for success are much higher! Walk, and Roll is also a great way to reengage members who may have become distant during this time.
    •  Junior Clubs- Walk, and Roll is a great event to get your Junior club involved in! Students can help volunteer, walk, or even fundraise. Be sure to review the Civitan International Protection Guidebook for serving youth and vulnerable communities  


  • Local agencies- Invite local agencies you work within the community to participate in your Walk and Roll event. Getting their staff and residents involved is a great way to show them all the awesome things your club does and recruit new members!
  • Safety Precautions
    • Review the Civitan International Protection Guidebook for serving youth and vulnerable communities