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Urge Your Senator to OPPOSE Ending the Filibuster


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Please OPPOSE removing the filibuster and a federal election takeover!

Dear [Decision Maker],

I urge you to OPPOSE ending the filibuster and OPPOSE all measures that would force a federal election takeover.

The filibuster rule is key to protecting the minority party viewpoint whether Republican or Democrat. Democrat leadership wants to change this critical rule to push through radical legislation like S. 2747. This bill would undermine state voter ID laws, require political nonprofits to disclose donors, mandate same-day voter registration, and permit candidate campaigns to be funded by state governments that opt-in.

The filibuster provides for thorough consideration and consensus before legislation is passed in the Senate. Removal of this rule will strip the minority party of power and its ability to stop the most radical legislation, including bills that force a federal election takeover.

Please protect the filibuster and OPPOSE all attempts to end this important rule.

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