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Last Call: Urge Your Senators to Oppose the Equality Act Today!

Equality Act ExposedThe so-called Equality Act poses serious threats to Americans, especially women and children.

If it becomes law, the Act will serve as a backdoor way to sanction abortions, introduce explicit content in school curriculum, let boys win in girls’ sports, pressure children toward experimental cross-sex hormones – and silence all of us who disagree.

We must expose this Act for all that it really is.

Please take action today by completing the information below and sending the message below to your Representative in Congress.


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Vote NO on the Equality Act!

Dear [Decision Maker],

The Equality Act is a very real threat to women and children, and I urge you to vote against it.

For starters, it undermines women's privacy. It would also allow boys to win sports championships reserved for girls. Its expanded definition of sex discrimination could be used to sanction abortion and remove pro-life protections. And it could be used to push struggling children toward experimental cross-sex hormones and surgery.

Please vote no on H.R. 5. Our children are counting on you.

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