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Barronelle StutzmanThe Georgia Non-discrimination Ordinance is known as a SOGI law because it offers special protections for "sexual orientation and gender identity" classes. This bill will be heard by the Columbus City Council on Tuesday, May 11th.

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  • Councilor R Gary Allen
  • Councilor Jerry Barnes
  • Councilor Charmaine Crabb
  • Councilor Glenn Davis
  • Councilor Walker Garrett
  • Councilor John House
  • Councilor Bruce Huff
  • Councilor Judy Thomas
  • Councilor Toyia Tucker
  • Councilor Evelyn Woodsom


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Please Vote NO on the Georgia Non-discrimination Ordinance

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Around the country, such laws have repeatedly been used to attack religious freedom. For example, in Colorado, cake artist Jack Phillips was prosecuted under a similar law for declining to bake a cake celebrating a same-sex wedding. And florist Barronelle Stutzman in Washington State faces similar charges and could lose everything as a result of declining to custom-create flowers for a same-sex wedding.

In addition, the gender identity component puts the privacy and safety of women and girls at risk by opening women's bathrooms, showers, dressing rooms and other public accommodations to men.

Columbus should be in the business of protecting our freedoms--not punishing its people for our ideas and beliefs.

Please vote NO on the Georgia Non-discrimination Ordinance!

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