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H.R. 5 is one of Nancy Pelosi’s top priorities for this year, and that is deeply concerning. The radical changes to children’s curriculum the bill seeks to make will concern millions of families. But even beyond the specific curriculum changes, it is extremely rare for the federal government to so deeply insert itself in the specifics of children’s curriculum in K-12 schools. This is Big Government at its finest, flexing its muscles to force the LGBT agenda in every classroom in America.

If Pelosi and the LGBT activist groups who fund her campaign succeed in pushing H.R. 5 forward, what will be the practical implications for our children?

For starters, major changes in your child’s curriculum:

1. The importance and seriousness of the Civil Rights Movement to achieve racial equality in schools will no longer be taught.

 2. Schools will be required to cover “LGBT sexual experiences” in sexual education.

3. Schools will be required to weave LGBT ideology into every class—not just sex ed.

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Vote NO on H.R. 5!

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to urge you to vote NO on H.R. 5.

This bill undermines the Civil Rights Movement that achieved racial equality in order to advance the LGBT political agenda in schools.

H.R. 5 is a major overstep of federal authority that cheapens the national and historical impact of the Civil Rights Movement and forces a sexualized agenda on every parent, teacher, administrator and child involved in our schools.

If "equal rights for all" now means ensuring young children are informed that "little boys can become little girls," then the power of the Civil Rights Movement ends with H.R. 5.

Please vote against H.R. 5, and thank you for your service.

I will look forward to seeing your vote.

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