COLORADO: Ask Gov. Polis to Veto Three Dangerous Bills


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Please VETO House Bills 1032, 1120 and 1192

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am asking you to veto three bills that I believe would be bad policy for Colorado: House Bills 1032, 1120 and 1192.

HB 1032 undermines local control and forces the teaching of highly controversial material to students. School districts should have a real choice - not the false choice of this sex ed or nothing.

HB 1120 undermines parents by allowing kids as young as 12 to go behind their parents back for mental health treatment.

HB 1192 pushes a sexualized agenda on our kids - as a graduation requirement, no less.

I encourage you, as governor of all of Colorado, to listen to my concerns and veto these bills.

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