NEW HAMPSHIRE: What Will Gov. Sununu Do With These Bills? Act Today!


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Please Oppose/Veto These Dangerous Bills!

Dear [Decision Maker],

I urge you to veto HB 669, which would let people choose gender "X" on their driver's license or non-driver's identification cards. This reinforces the notion that gender is a subjective matter of feeling, and it codifies a logic that defies physical, scientific, and metaphysical reality.

I also urge you to oppose - and veto if necessary - two other bills:

*HB 446, which allows an individual to alter their birth certificate to reflect a sex designation other than that which was assigned at birth. Given their importance for law enforcement, medical records and scientific research, vital records should not be altered based on a person's subjective feelings or experiences.

*SB 263, which would open our public schools up to lawsuits on a host of fronts, from forcing schools to allow boys onto girls' sports teams, to punishing schools for the use of pronouns that don't align with a student's current gender identity.

New Hampshire is already a tolerant and welcoming state. We don't need the heavy hand of government to enforce this activist agenda on our schools and our people.

I look forward to hearing from you on these matters.

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