CALIFORNIA: Do You Want Your Child to be a Walking Advocate for Planned Parenthood?


  • State Senator Scott T. Wilk
  • State Senator Mike McGuire
  • State Senator Connie M. Leyva
  • State Senator Maria Elena Durazo
  • State Senator Ling Ling Chang
  • State Senator Steve M. Glazer
  • State Senator Richard Pan


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Please Oppose AB 624

Dear [Decision Maker],

I ask that you oppose CA AB 624.

This bill will require children and their schools (including even some private schools) to promote a message that many schools and parents disagree with. Our children should not be forced to be card-carrying advocates for Planned Parenthood's radical agenda. Instead, our children should be encouraged to talk to the adults in their life who know and love them best, not impersonal activists on the other end of a hotline.

Please oppose AB 624.

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