ILLINOIS: Ask Governor Pritzker to Veto Legislation Mandating LGBT Curriculum in Our School Systems


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Please Veto HB 246!

Dear [Decision Maker],

I urge you to veto House Bill 246.

Do not allow sexual and gender identity politics to be forced down the throats of our children.

Textbooks should be chosen for their thoroughness and credibility on the topic being taught and not censored because they do not promote controversial ideas on sexuality.

In addition, the inclusion of historical figures in the textbooks of our students should have little to do with an individual's sexual preference or gender ideology. This is not appropriate or relevant for our children.

Parents have the ultimate authority to guide the moral upbringing of their children, and this bill does not allow parents the option to opt their children out of potentially controversial lessons or even be notified such lessons will be taught. House Bill 246 fails our students and their families!

Please veto House Bill 246.

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