BREAKING: Governor Trying to Introduce Abortion Up-to-birth Bill - ACT NOW!


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No More Pro-Abortion Legislation!

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a New Mexico resident and voter, I urge you to abandon rumored efforts to introduce and pass pro-abortion legislation this Session.

After hearing from constituents in record numbers, our State Legislature soundly defeated HB51 less than a year ago. To try and reverse that outcome now by ramming something through the final days of the Legislature is to undermine the will of the people you represent.

Additionally, important provisions of New Mexico's abortion law are still in effect and they should be kept. These provisions protect women by ensuring that abortions are only performed by licensed physicians. They protect our medical professionals from being forced to participate in abortions against their conscience. And they keep our faith-based hospitals and clinics from being required to offer abortions or face closure.

New Mexico faces significant challenges in so many areas and as our elected officials, I urge you to focus your attention on improving the well-being of all New Mexicans, including the unborn children of our state.

Thank you for your public service and attention to this important message.

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