COLORADO: Act Now to Support Three Bills to Protect Our Kids!


  • State Representative Chris Kennedy
  • State Representative Janice Rich
  • State Representative Stephen 'Steve' A. Humphrey
  • State Representative Monica Duran
  • State Representative Sonya Jaquez Lewis
  • State Representative Susan Lontine
  • State Representative Emily Sirota
  • State Representative Dave Williams
  • State Representative Jovan 'Van' E. Melton


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Please Vote YES on HBs 1114, 1144 and 1273

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a Colorado citizen, I ask you to support three important bills that your committee will be considering: House Bills 1114, 1144 and 1273.

HB 1114 protects children from transgender medical experimentation that results in profound and irreversible changes to kids' bodies -- including infertility and mutilation of functional and healthy body parts. Plus, nearly all children (80-95 percent) outgrow their gender confusion by the time they reach adulthood.

HB 1144 protects parents' constitutional rights to make critical decisions for their child in health care, education and more.

HB 1273 protects girls' opportunities in sports. Allowing boys to play on girls' sports teams is fundamentally unfair.

Thank you. I'll be anxious to see how you vote.

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