Tell Idaho House Committee to Protect Children from Experimental "Trans" Drugs and Procedures


  • State Representative Doug Ricks
  • State Representative Bill Goesling
  • State Representative Gary L. Marshall
  • State Representative Caroline N. Troy
  • State Representative Christy Zito
  • State Representative Greg Chaney
  • State Representative Julianne Young
  • State Representative Paul Amador
  • State Representative Heather Scott
  • State Representative Melissa Wintrow
  • State Representative Ryan Kerby
  • State Representative John McCrostie
  • State Representative Bryan N. Zollinger
  • State Representative Muffy Davis
  • State Representative Barbara Ehardt
  • State Representative Linda Wright Hartgen
  • State Representative Jason A. Monks
  • State Representative John L. Gannon


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Please vote for House Bill 465 when it comes before your committee.

Dear [Decision Maker],

House Bill 465 would protect children from experimental sex reassignment surgical procedures that cause irreversible sterility, as well as cross-sex hormones which may cause long-term side effects like low bone density, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, thrombosis, abnormal genital development, and sexual dysfunction.

Data found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders of the American Psychiatric Association provides hope: nearly all children struggling with gender dysphoria will accept their biological sex by the time they finish puberty, and most are struggling with other mental disorders that are likely aggravating their gender dysphoria. These kids need psychological and psychiatric help, not medically unnecessary surgical removal of healthy body organs and hormone treatments that cause infertility.

H. 465 builds upon the female genital mutilation ban passed unanimously by the legislature last year. If passed, H. 465 will protect children from the irreparable harm caused by these reckless medical interventions. I would appreciate your support for this bill when it comes before your committee soon.

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