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Thank You for Saving Girls' Sports - Please Stand Strong!

Dear [Decision Maker],

Thank you for your leadership in affirming that girls' sports should be reserved for biological girls. Female athletes deserve fair competition, and letting biological males play in girls' sports is fundamentally unfair. Males have physical advantages over women including greater cardiovascular capacity, muscle mass, and bone density. When boys are permitted to play in girls' sports, they can and have taken championship titles, scholarships, and other elite opportunities reserved for girls.

Given that fact, thank you for specifically recognizing that Connecticut violated Title IX by allowing boys to play in girls' sports. Title IX was designed to give girls a level playing field in educational programs, including sports. While males have long had athletic opportunities available to them, prior to Title IX girls were lucky to have their own sports teams, let alone their own equipment, locker rooms, and scholarships. Before Title IX, only one in 27 girls competed in sports. Today, two in five girls play sports. That is no coincidence.

I understand that today you are under significant pressure to reverse your stance on Title IX, girls' sports, and the meaning of biological sex. Those pressuring you to do so are claiming the Supreme Court's recent Bostock decision applies - or should apply - to girls' sports. This is both incorrect and dangerous. The Court was very clear that its decision did not apply outside the context of certain employment situations under Title VII. Moreover, those employment situations under Title VII are far different matters from the world of female athletics, locker room use, and ensuring that girls have the same opportunities to succeed as boys. If boys were allowed to compete in girls' sports as a widespread policy, girls' sports would be no more: there would be only men's sports and co-ed sports. That result would turn Title IX on its head.

Thank you for your support for female athletes. I encourage you to continue to stand strong for their chance at fair competition in Connecticut and in other contexts as the opportunity arises.

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