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Tell Your State Officials to Stand Strong Against Biden's Transgender Order

Joe Biden
Join us in sending a message to your state legislators and governor: President Biden’s transgender agenda is outside his authority and harmful to children, and must be stopped.


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Take Action to Oppose Biden's Transgender Agenda

Dear [Decision Maker],

I have learned about President Biden's executive order directing the government to implement transgender policies, including in our children's public schools.

This is a massive policy change that the President does not have the authority to make without the legislative branch. Furthermore, these policies are harmful to children. They hurt girls' opportunities at fair athletic competition, lead to experimental interventions on children's bodies before they reach adulthood, place our girls in compromising situations in school locker rooms, and force this ideology on children throughout their curriculum.

It is my hope and request that you will make it a top priority to push back against this agenda as a leader of our state. Some states are considering measures to protect girls' sports; others are running legislation to safeguard minors from life-altering surgeries and puberty blockers, etc.

I look forward to hearing how you will push back against the Biden transgender agenda as he attempts to implement it nationwide.

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