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PENNSYLVANIA: Urge Senator Toomey to Oppose the Equality Act

Stop the Most Dangerous Bill in America!

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Ask Sen. Toomey to protect life and religious freedom – and to oppose the politically correct agenda that would even undercut female athletes.

The deceptively named “Equality Act” is the biggest current threat to religious freedom and the sanctity of life. It has already passed the U.S. House, and it will soon be voted on by the U.S. Senate.

But so far, Sen. Toomey has not publicly stated his position on this dangerous bill that would threaten:

  • The sanctity of life, by undercutting abortion restrictions nationwide
  • Religious freedom of individuals, churches, Christian schools and colleges, etc.
  • The well-being of children who are in the crosshairs of the transgender agenda
  • The privacy and safety of women and girls – and the relevance of girls’ sports by forcing female athletes to compete against biological males

Please take a minute to call and leave a message with Sen. Toomey’s D.C. office:

(202) 224-4254

Ask Sen. Toomey to vote NO on the “Equality Act”

After calling, please consider also sending the message below to Sen. Toomey. Your voice can make a difference!

The message below will go to your two U.S. senators, based upon your address.


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Equality Act Hurts Women and Children -- Vote NO

Dear [Decision Maker],

Our nation was founded upon the idea of equality, the truth that all of us are created equally.

But the Equality Act is a cheap counterfeit of those words that harms women and children. The bill would allow boys to win sports championships reserved for girls. Its expanded definition of sex discrimination could be used to sanction abortion and remove pro-life protections. And, it could be used to push struggling children toward experimental cross-sex hormones and surgery.

Please vote no on H.R. 5. Our children are counting on you.

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