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President Trump, Protect Religious Freedom


  • President Joseph 'Joe' R. Biden
  • Vice President Kamala D. Harris


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Please Keep Your Promise to Protect Religious Freedom

Dear [Decision Maker],

I have heard that you are considering an Executive Order to protect religious freedom, and that liberal media and activist groups are trying to bully you into not issuing that Order.

I'm writing to ask you not to give in to the bullies.

I appreciated your strong commitment to protect religious freedom as part of your plan to "Make America Great Again." This proposed Executive Order is a great way to advance that commitment.

I don't believe that faith-based charities and organizations should be forced to stop serving their communities simply because they operate according to their sincerely held religious beliefs. Government should not have the power to force a group of nuns to choose between their deeply-held beliefs or having medical insurance. Faith-based adoption agencies shouldn't be forced to shut down their ministry helping children find forever homes simply because they operate according to their religious beliefs about marriage.

Please sign the Executive Order because religious freedom means more than just the freedom to worship in our churches--it means that all people, of all faiths, in all places, at all times have the freedom to exercise their religion. That's what makes our country so great.

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