CALIFORNIA: Bill Tells Believers to Hush Up. Please Speak Up Now!

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The California Senate will vote soon (likely in early August) on a bill that has truly stunned observers around the country.  Will you join a rising chorus of voices who are speaking out to stop it? Thousands of you have responded to this call to action, resulting in the bill being delayed. But the danger level on this bill remains critical.

Even if you sent an earlier message, it's vital that you reach out to your state senator and assembly member again. We can't let this delay tactic cause them to forget about the strong opposition to this bill. Just use the form below.

Assembly Bill 2943 outlaws most communications that are seen as an attempt to influence someone away from transgenderism or homosexuality – if such communication involves any kind of financial transaction.

What would California look like if AB 2943 passes?  

  • A therapist or pastoral counselor could be prosecuted for helping a 20-year-old who is struggling with her gender and pays for counseling to help her accept her God-given birth sex.
  • A Christian college could face punishment if a professor teaches about God’s design for sexuality.
  • Even a church that offers a retreat that contains similar messaging could face the long arm of the law.

As an organization with deep California roots, Family Policy Alliance is thankful that Californians are speaking up against AB 2943!  Will you join them -- or make your voice heard again?

Here’s what you can do:

  • Please send the note below to your state senator and assembly member.  You can send to both of them with just a click.
  • Please share this link far and wide.  We've already seen that when thousands of Californians  speak up, it makes a difference!

Thank you for making your voice heard!


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Please Represent Me by Voting No on AB 2943

Dear [Decision Maker],

Please vote against AB 2943.

This bill is a stunning attack on free speech. For example, it would ban counselors from helping an adult who is seeking to accept their birth gender before going through irreversible sex-reassignment surgery. And it would ban church conferences or retreats that address various aspects of sexuality.

Such restriction on free speech has no place in California, and I urge you to reject it!

Thank you for your service.

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