Urgent Alert: Ask Your Senator to Vote For the Pain-Capable Abortion Ban

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Speak Up Now to Oppose Nancy Pelosi's So-Called Equality Act

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HR 5, the so-called "Equality" Act, passed the U.S. House and is headed to the Senate. It targets religious beliefs about sexuality, marriage, parenting, education and your ability to live out your faith. Ask your senators to oppose it.

Where Does Your Representative in Congress Stand on Infanticide?

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Speaker Pelosi has blocked Congress from voting on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act more than 80 times this year. Ask your representative to sign the discharge petition to force a vote on this important legislation.

Stop the Feds from Mainstreaming Marijuana

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The SAFE Banking Act would financially legitimize the marijuana industry without regard for the proven public health risks of marijuana use. Please ask your senators to vote NO on the SAFE Banking Act today.

I Cherish Life

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Send a note to your Senators and Congressman saying: President Trump is right. I Cherish Life and ask you to stand for limiting all abortions beyond 20 weeks.

The New ERA Launches Today: It Attacks Life and Women's Privacy -- Act Now to Stop It

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The Equal Rights Amendment is on the move -- threatening to shatter pro-life laws and radically change our society.

Thank Ben Carson for Rescinding Obama Rule and Let Him Know More Action is Needed

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Please send a note to Secretary Carson, thanking him for proposing a new rule overturning the dangerous Obama rule but also ask him not to include language in the rule that could be used to advance the radical cause of the so-called Equality Act.

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