The Biggest Pro-Life Battle in Kansas History: Take Action Now!

We, the undersigned, urge our Kansas Representatives and Senators to vote for a constitutional amendment that will value both mothers and babies.

Voting for the amendment will return to us, the people of Kansas, the ability to stop unlimited abortion from coming to our state.

Kansas women should not be subjected to unsafe and unregulated abortions. Further, our tax dollars should not be used for abortion. The public, through our elected officials, must have a voice in these matters.

As the people of Kansas, we have the right to determine what is in our Constitution, and we ask that you, our legislators, help make this possible by letting us vote on this important amendment to protect both mothers and babies.


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Let Kansans Vote for the Value Them Both Amendment

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a citizen of Kansas and as your constituent, I respectfully urge you to SUPPORT the constitutional amendment that will restore our right to pass basic regulations for the abortion industry. The Kansas Supreme Court made Kansas the Wild West of the abortion industry. This ruling makes it nearly impossible to ensure that women and their babies receive appropriate care.

This is a simple call for you as a legislator to simply let us vote. There are conflicting viewpoints on each side; however, this is an issue that should not be decided by an elite few. The people of Kansas deserve to have a say in whether abortion clinics should be licensed, whether young girls should be allowed to make life-altering decisions without the knowledge of their parents, and whether babies in the womb deserve even the most basic protection from certain painful abortion practices. This ability has been taken from us and we ask that you restore order in our state by giving us the ability to vote.

It is time for Kansans to value both mothers and their babies by letting us vote.

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Nearly 3 out of 4 Americans now strongly oppose dangerous late-term abortions after 20 weeks.[2]

70% of New Mexicans oppose abortion after 5 months, up-to-birth.[3]

There have been documented deaths of New Mexico women resulting from dangerous late-term abortions.[4]

An overwhelming majority of Americans oppose removing medical care from a viable child after birth.[5]

Among pregnant girls 15 and younger, 60-80% were impregnated by an adult male.[6]

There are document cases of young women—who became pregnant through rape, incest, or sexual assault—being taken to an abortion facility by their abuser.[7]

In 2019, over 98% of the 25,000 calls to the Governor’s Office were in opposition to the radical abortion up-to-birth bill, House Bill 51.[8]

In 2019, House Bill 51 was soundly defeated in the New Mexico Senate with bipartisan opposition from Democrats and Republicans.[9]