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Pelosi's House Tries to Strip Pro-Life Policies; Your Voice Needed

UPDATE: The U.S. House voted on H.R. 7617 on 7/31/20, passing it by a vote of 217-197. No Republicans voted for it, while just 12 Democrats voted against it. The measure now heads to the Senate, where it will eventually be considered. We have updated the targeting so that your message will now go to both of your U.S. Senators. Thank you for taking action and making your voice heard!


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As a Constituent, I Ask You to Vote NO on H.R. 7617 When It Is Heard in the Senate

Dear [Decision Maker],

Now that the House has passed H.R. 7617, I urge you to vote against it when it comes before the Senate. This bill contains several policy changes that I find to be highly objectionable, including allowing my tax dollars to be used for abortions in D.C., requiring grantees to promote abortion, funding groups that provide abortion, and more.

Regardless of whether you agree with me that abortion is the taking of innocent human life, it is unconscionable that Americans should be forced to fund it with their tax dollars.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing your vote.

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