Hold Oil Companies Accountable for Climate DeceptionDon't let Big Oil get away with it

For decades, major fossil fuel companies have deceived the public about climate change. Big Oil’s internal documents have recently come to light, revealing these companies not only knew their products caused global warming, but that they deliberately deceived the public and manufactured doubt about climate change.

Meanwhile, the costly effects of climate change are being experienced right here in the Golden State. California has paid a high price: worsening droughts, longer wildfire seasons, poor air quality, and increased hospitalizations and deaths from heat waves and respiratory illnesses.

Big polluters can already be taken to court for misleading the public about their products, but the statute of limitations for fraudulent business practices is typically only four years. California lawmakers should pass the Climate Science Truth and Accountability Act (SB 1161) to revive the state's Unfair Competition claim for a one-time, four-year period and hold these companies accountable for deceiving the public about climate science.

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California shouldn't let fossil fuel companies off the hook for climate deception. Please support SB 1161.

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