Tell Gov. Brown: Stop fracking in California now!

We're calling for a moratorium on fracking in California, and our movement is surging with more support than ever before. Grassroots activism continues to spread throughout the state, and recent polling shows that the vast majority of California voters now support "pressing pause" on risky drilling. But this upwelling of support isn't limited to individual voters and activists ...

Major opinion leaders now support the moratorium movement. Media throughout the state including The Los Angeles Times editorialized in favor of pushing the “pause” button on fracking. More than 100 environmental, business, labor, health, social justice, and other groups have been standing together to stop fracking.

Local governments are taking action into their own hands. Several counties and cities are now working on the local level to pass local moratoria on fracking and other risky drilling practices. It couldn't be more obvious: our elected officials at the state level haven't done enough to protect our families and communities.

Send your message to Gov. Brown now. Urge the Governor immediately impose a moratorium using his existing authority, because Californians have already waited far too long for protections from fracking.

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Dear California Governor Jerry Brown

As a California voter, I urge you to immediately place a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing for oil and natural gas in our state.

Governor Brown, I'm urging you to take immediate executive action: impose a moratorium on fracking now. California voters like me are depending on you, for the sake of our families and communities.

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