Victory: Governor Brown signed AB 559 into law to protect monarch butterflies!

Save the Monarch Butterfly!

Monarch butterfly populations in North America are declining at such an alarming rate that they are already under consideration for the "endangered species" list.

Millions of monarch butterflies arrive in California every spring to feed on milkweed and reproduce. They not only embody the spirit of beauty and transformation in nature; they also serve critical functions that support our overall ecosystem. As crop pollinators in particular, monarch butterflies are very valuable to California agriculture and our economy overall.

AB 559 (López) will help save the monarch butterfly by restoring habitats.

In recent years, the monarch butterfly's natural habitats have been reduced and depleted. Specifically, areas where there were previously plains of milkweed – an essential food source for monarchs – have been converted into housing and other human development. These last four years of extreme drought have only made the milkweed shortage worse. But if California acts quickly, it's not too late to restore and preserve habitats where monarch butterflies can thrive!

Update: Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 559 on September 6, 2015!

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Dear Governor Jerry Brown:

Thank you for protecting the monarch butterfly by signing AB 559, authored by Assemblymember Patty López, into law. This important bill will allow the Department of Fish and Wildlife to begin conservation efforts for the monarch butterfly -- a native California species that has suffered extensive loss of its natural habitat.

Again, thank you for protecting the monarch butterfly by signing AB 559 (López).

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