Save the Elephants: Tell President Obama to stop the ivory trade!

Save the Elephants!Every single day, an average of 96 elephants are slaughtered for their ivory by poachers in Africa. Traders then move the ivory through illegal deals that lead to store shelves across the country.

We can help save the elephants by strengthening federal rules to crack down on ivory sales. President Obama has proposed new rules that are a major step in the right direction, but they still have loopholes that must be closed.

By making AB 96 law, California closed the loopholes that have allowed illegal ivory sales to thrive here. Now, the President has a chance to improve federal rules by closing the antiques loophole at the federal level.

African elephants are a threatened species and must be protected. Send your message now!

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Dear President Barack Obama:

Thank you for announcing new rules that will crack down on ivory sales in the U.S. and help end the slaughter of African elephants. Please move quickly to strengthen and finalize these new protections.

It's critical that your administration acts swiftly to close the final loopholes in federal laws that have allowed ivory trafficking to flourish. Please impose an effective crackdown on the U.S. ivory trade and help save elephants from extinction. Again, thank you.

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