Victory: Gov. Brown Signs AB 693 to Make Solar Energy Accessible for All Californians!

Fight For the Renewable Energy Revolution! Too many California families and low-income communities still don't have access to renewable energy. Rooftop solar sales are surging with middle-class homeowners, but not in neighborhoods where multi-family buildings and affordable housing are abundant.

Here at the California League of Conservation Voters (CLCV), we believe that all Californians should have access to clean, renewable energy and all of the savings and environmental benefits that come along. AB 693 (Eggman) will close the "green divide" by making solar energy accessible for low-income Californians.

Update: Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 693 into law on October 8, 2015!

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Dear Governor Jerry Brown:

Thank you for signing AB 693 (Eggman), the bill to close the "green divide" that currently stands between low-income families and access to clean, renewable energy. While homeowners are installing rooftop solar installations at an every-accelerating pace, many California families who rent their homes are being left behind. I agree that ALL Californians should be able to participate in the renewable revolution -- especially low-income families, who stand to save a significant amount of their monthly expenses by lowering their utility bills with rooftop solar.

Thank you for signing AB 693 into law to move towards energy equity for all Californians.

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