Former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson has just been confirmed as our Secretary of State.

While ExxonMobil says it supports the Paris Climate Agreement, Tillerson himself refused to rule out an American withdrawal from the climate treaty. And his new boss, President Trump, promised repeatedly to pull out of the agreement while on the campaign trail.

Let’s be clear – removing the United States from the Paris Agreement would unleash about 22 billion tons of polluting emissions between now and 2030. The effect on our planet would be catastrophic. It's time to make our voices heard and tell Mr. Tillerson not to pull out of this historic agreement.


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For our children: Don't pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement

Dear Secretary Tillerson,

As our new Secretary of State, you have a sworn duty to protect the United States from harm, and navigate our relationships with other nations.

You may not agree, but New Englanders and scientists across the country know that climate change is a national security threat -- perhaps the largest of our time.

One of the most formidable tools our nation has in combating this threat comes in the form of the landmark Paris Climate Agreement.

Mr. Tillerson, I'm asking you not to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement. We place our faith in you to protect our economy, our communities, and our future as Secretary of State. We ask that you not falter where it matters most.

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