This year, 16 schools across Vermont were tested for lead. Every single one had lead in its water at 1 ppb or higher—which exceeds health recommendations by the Vermont Department of Health and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Vermont is poised to pass legislation that could require all schools to be tested and we need to make sure this bill is as strong as possible to protect kids’ health and is passed without delay. Sign the petition to let your representatives know that you support passing Senate Bill No. 40 to test schools for lead with an action level that protects our children and teachers.


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Stand up for science

Dear Vermont legislators,

It seems that you, your appointees, and your Republican colleagues in Congress have a persistent problem with facts.

There's a 97% consensus within the scientific community that humans are causing climate change. To give you some context for that number, that's analogous to the level of scientific consensus that smoking causes cancer. And yet, you call climate change a hoax.

We're rallying for science, we're standing up for our earth, and we're pledging to fight your administration's onslaught of alternative facts each and every day until you leave office. Because if you come for New England, you'll have to go through me first. I hope you're ready for the fight.

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