Electric vehicles are a common-sense way to reduce climate and air pollution, and save drivers money. The Baker Administration has done some good work to support them – but we need to do more to achieve Massachusetts’ goal of 300,000 EVs on our roads by 2025. It’s time for the Administration to follow through on initiatives that will benefit families, business, and our local economy.

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Don't Let Governor Baker Sit Idle: Tell Him to Keep Up the Support for Electric Vehicles

Dear Governor Baker & Secretary Matt Beaton,

Thank you for your commitment to promoting electric vehicles, which are critical to meeting Massachusetts' ambitious climate pollution reduction goals and improving public health. I'm asking you to follow through on important initiatives designed to make electric transportation more accessible to Massachusetts residents.

Specifically, I urge you to:

1. Make it easier for low-income families to drive electric. Electric cars are for everyone. California offers more generous rebates for low-income drivers, and designates electric vehicle charging to disadvantaged residents. Massachusetts needs to follow suit.

2. Maintain funding for electric car rebate and grant programs: We know that these programs are effective in persuading residents to choose electric cars, and persuading cities and other entities to purchase these vehicles and install charging. Yet, one of the state's key grant programs (known as "MassEVIP") is currently out of funding.

3. Electrify our transit buses. Electric buses save taxpayers money and make our neighborhoods cleaner, healthier, and quieter. Let's get moving toward a future where 100% of new bus purchases are electric by 2030.

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