A toxic landfill in Massachusetts has been contaminating the drinking water of neighboring towns for years – and now they want to *expand* the landfill. We won't tolerate this flagrant disregard for public health in MA. Send your letter now!


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Casella Expansion - Site Suitability Report Number 278-007-A

Dear Section Chief McQuade,

For years, Massachusetts has had a trash problem. Our 5.5 million tons of trash generated here annually are buried and burned at 12 landfills and 7 incinerators across the state landfills and incinerators that are located right next to communities forced to use contaminated drinking water to brush their teeth, cook their food, and bathe their children.

I applaud MassDEP for taking a stand against Casella's landfill expansion proposal in Southbridge, and urge you to say no to expanded pollution in Southbridge by reissuing a negative determination of site suitability.

Thank you for standing up for Southbridge and places like it across Massachusetts!

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