CLF has been fighting since 2008 to get strong climate laws on the books in Massachusetts, even suing the state’s Department of Environmental Protection to do so. Governor Baker has supported these measures, and just released new timelines for cutting carbon pollution in the state. Now that Washington has walked away from the Paris Agreement, it’s more important than ever for Governor Baker to step up his climate leadership and get the rest of New England on board.

The New England governors are meeting at the end of the month – tell Governor Baker that you want him to push for strong carbon pollution regulations for every state. Let him know he needs to be a climate leader for all of New England, not just Massachusetts.


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We're Counting on You for Climate Leadership

Dear Governor Baker,

Updating the Global Warming Solutions Act in Massachusetts was a historic step forward on climate, one that should inspire other states to push forward their own climate action plans. Now, it's time to go further.

With the New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers' Annual Conference coming up, New England needs a real leader on climate to step up. Given your work in Massachusetts and your record on practical, bipartisan solutions, this should be you.

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