Eversource's disastrous Northern Pass transmission project is dead. New Hampshire regulators have denied it permits to build, citing overwhelming public opposition and the devastating effect it will have the state's scenic landscapes. And while Eversource has vowed to fight this decision, it will take more than a year before it can be resurrected – if it can at all.

We can't afford to wait. New Hampshire has made its choice. Now Massachusetts needs to follow suit.

Barely two weeks ago, the Commonwealth selected Northern Pass as the winner of a lucrative new energy contract to boost clean energy in the state – ahead of dozens of better local clean energy projects vying for the same contract. Despite New Hampshire's rejection of Northern Pass, Massachusetts regulators have yet to drop the project themselves.

The Massachusetts selection team is meeting tomorrow, and they need to hear from you. Tell them that it's time now to formally reject the Northern Pass proposal, and promptly replace it with a better project. There are 44 other proposals on the table – any of which would be better than Northern Pass.


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Replace Northern Pass

Dear Department of Energy Resources,

Northern Pass is not the right project for Massachusetts. New Hampshire rejected its proposal, and so should the Bay State. You have the opportunity to hit reset. Without impacting the schedule of the proposed bid process, promptly choose a project that is less expensive and better for our climate and environment.

It will take Eversource more than a year to try and overturn the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee decision, and there's no guarantee they will succeed. This project has been troubled from the start, and we now have a valuable chance to change course. We can't afford to wait, so please don't hesitate - promptly select an alternative project to replace Northern Pass.

Thank you for committing Massachusetts to clean energy, and please choose a project that puts us on a path to a sustainable, clean energy future.

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