As the federal government rolls back smart energy policies, it’s up to us to push for clean, local, cost-effective energy in Maine. Solar power offers all this and more: opportunities for job growth, rural development, economic savings, and energy independence. It’s time to get Maine out of last place in New England on solar, and you can help!

The Senate has just voted in favor of a new solar bill, and we expect the House of Representatives to vote this week. This bill (LD 1444) would take a step in the right direction by prohibiting utilities from charging those with solar panels for the electricity that they produce and use themselves. It's up to you to let your congresspeople know that a vote against LD 1444 is a vote against the interests of Mainers. Use the form below to tell state representatives that you want to see our solar momentum continue.


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Pass LD 1444 - Support Maine Solar Power

Dear Representative,

I am writing to urge you to vote yes on the passage of LD 1444.

LD 1444 offers a vital fix to the Public Utilities Commission's changes to the net energy billing rule that will otherwise impose costs on all ratepayers for unnecessary metering equipment. If not addressed, the rule will also unfairly charge Maine families and businesses for electricity that they generate themselves and use at home -- imposing utility delivery service fees for electricity that is not serviced by the utility in any way.

This critical legislation will stop that rule in its tracks, preventing it from upending our burgeoning solar industry and penalizing Mainers who want to invest in our State's future. And that's not all: I also support the bill's provisions that would make solar more accessible to people that can't afford their own panels.

Solar enjoys bi-partisan support in Maine. Yet, our lack of comprehensive solar policy keeps the state in last place in the region. LD 1444 will support the growth of solar in Maine, which means more jobs, rural development, and clean, low-cost energy for all.

I ask you to stand up for Mainers and to support a solar energy future by voting to pass LD 1444.

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