Science and facts are essential in creating good policy, especially when that policy would affect the health and futures of millions of Americans.

But Scott Pruitt is trying to wage war on peer-reviewed science and facts at the EPA, because the facts clearly illustrate a truth he’d rather hide. Scientists have told us time and time again: climate change is real, burning fossil fuels causes global warming, and corporate polluters are wreaking havoc on our air and water in the name of bigger profits.

Tell the EPA oversight committee – don’t let Scott Pruitt stifle science.


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Don't let Scott Pruitt cripple the EPA

Dear Legislator,

As the body charged with overseeing Administrator Pruitt's activities at the EPA, I implore you to stop this fundamental attack on the science necessary for making sound policy that protects the public health of all Americans. Mr. Pruitt has clearly abdicated in his duty as EPA Administrator by putting industrial polluters ahead of people -- Congress must not allow that to stand.

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