North Atlantic right whales are in crisis. Since April 2017, at least 20 North Atlantic right whales have died, and scientists now estimate that less than 408 individuals remain. If we don’t act now, this already endangered species could become extinct in our lifetimes. Tell federal regulators at NOAA that we need to do more to save these majestic, critically important whales!


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Act now to save North Atlantic right whales from extinction

Dear Administrator Michael Pentony:

NOAA must reevaluate activities that threaten right whales, including commercial fishing, and identify and implement solutions to prevent this species from going extinct. At a minimum, NOAA Fisheries should ensure that right whales are not jeopardized by the ongoing operation of commercial fisheries by completing the biological opinions it initiated on several fisheries; requiring improved monitoring, reporting, and gear marking requirements; increasing its enforcement efforts to detect illegal gear; and requiring fishermen to reduce or eliminate the amount of fishing gear in the water when whales are present. If your agency does not take immediate action, we could see the extinction of the North Atlantic right whale within our lifetime. And this is not acceptable.

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