Governor LePage’s anti-solar stance is holding Maine back from energy savings and energy independence. But we can fight back.

The Maine legislature can still override LePage’s veto of solar policy. This bill (LD 1444) would take a step in the right direction by stopping utilities from charging those with solar panels for the electricity that they produce and use themselves.

Solar power offers opportunities for good, local jobs, for rural development, for economic savings, for energy independency, and for cost-effective power. But it’s up to us to insist we benefit from this smart resource.


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Thank you for standing up to LePage on solar

Dear Representative,

This bill offers a vital fix to the Public Utilities Commission's changes to the net energy billing rule that will otherwise impose costs for unnecessary metering equipment. If not addressed, the rule will also unfairly charge Maine families and businesses for electricity that they generate themselves and use at home.

This critical legislation will stop those aspects of the rule. It will also prevent the rule from upending our burgeoning solar industry and from penalizing Mainers who want to invest in our State's future.

And that's not all: the bill would also make solar more accessible to all Mainers, even those who don't own land or who can't afford their own solar panels.

Solar enjoys bi-partisan support in Maine. Yet, our lack of comprehensive solar policy keeps the state in last place in the region. LD 1444 will support the growth of solar in Maine, which means more jobs, rural development, and clean, low-cost energy.

Thank you again for standing up for Mainers and advancing the state toward development of more solar energy by supporting LD 1444.

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