The Trump administration has proposed rolling back important fuel efficiency and vehicle emissions standards that help keep our air clean and save us money at the pump. The rules, collectively known as the clean car standards, protect the air we breathe. They’re also integral to combating climate change and minimizing its devastating impacts on health and safety.

The administration also wants to impose these weaker standards on everyone. Currently, states that want to follow stronger clean car standards are allowed to do so. In New England, five out of six states have opted to protect their families and businesses by implementing stronger standards. All of these states have helped drive innovation in the auto sector – generating jobs and spurring economies – while saving drivers money, protecting our air, and fighting climate change.

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Don't Weaken Clean Car Standards

Dear EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler and Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Corporate Average Fuel Economy rules and the Environmental Protection Agency's tailpipe carbon dioxide emissions standards are critically important. They save everyday consumers money at the gas pump, protect the health of Americans, and support job growth in the auto industry. They are crucial for combating climate change and for spurring innovation in our transportation sector. I ask that you don't freeze the standards and that you respect states' authority under the Clean Air Act to protect their citizens with more stringent standards - leave the rules as they are and do not revoke the section 209 waiver.

Don't roll back these standards. They've good for public health, good for the environment, and good for America's future.

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